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Why Choose Riva?

Through years, we encounter many different situations. Many people could have thought that designing and building a house is a easy task; however, it is not. There could be many problems in this journey. If you are not working with an experienced company, you could realise issues once it’s too late. Riva Homes is one of the experienced custom builders in town. This is why we have strict inclusion standards. We include premium grade inclusions as standard. Here are some specifications that other builders will note as an extra item.


Ventilation flute kit for Rangehood

Without external ventilation, there is a build-up of fats, oils and odours in the roof cavity above the range-hood,
which can become a feeding ground for rats, mice, possums and cockroaches – and add fuel to any fire situation that may arise.
Other builders will charge extra and leave rangehood duct lying around in the ceiling. We install a full duct flute kit to all rangehoods.

High Peformace Weepas

The High Performance Bushfire Weepa is a preformed weep hole vent which is easily installed by the bricklayer during construction. It improves the appearance and function of weep holes and protects the wall cavity from both pests and burning embers from bushfires.

The weep hole stays clean during construction avoiding the
need to rake out and risk damage to the flashing.

Beautiful weep holes in rendered surfaces are made easy
by using the Weepa as formwork and depth gauge. Creates a perfect weep hole during construction Excludes a wide range of pests from the wall cavity

Beautiful finish in rendered walls Compliant with AS3959:2018 Bushfire Attack Levels BAL-LOW, BAL-A12.5, BAL-A19. (For BAL-A29 and BAL-A40 use the New Generation Bushfire Weepa coming in May. For BAL-FZ use the fully Stainless Steel Weepa.) Tested to ensure adequate airflow and cavity ventilation (Griffith Uni 2013)

Garage Door Brush Seals

When installed correctly, the seals reduce airflow into the garage by 96% and will provide excellent service and an extremely effective solution to eliminating all those annoying undesirable intrusions, dust, draughts, flying,
crawling, slithering pests, and of course seal out hot and cold winds.

Wind driven whirly birds

Without a proper means of insulation or ventilation, a standard roof space quite simply traps & accumulates heat as the sun beats down onto your roof. This heat radiates down through your ceiling, will warm your home, and accounts for around 25% to 35% of the heat gain in summer, right next to windows.

Obviously, you can install blinds to block heat out of windows, but you can’t put blinds over your roof. This is when a whirly bird comes in handy.

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